Celebrating the Dairy Farmers Hard Work

Gala, lait, melk and nai are just some of the many references that will be used around the world on September 30, 2009 to celebrate World School Milk Day (WSMD).  This year approximately 2621 schools across the globe in 40 different countries will be participating in the 10th annual festivities.  This day was first established in September of 2000 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with the objective of recognizing milk and drawing attention to the many nutritional benefits in student diets.  The idea is to unify the global outlook on milk by educating children of every culture that milk is an essential addition to an everyday diet.

Each school participating in WSMD has their own flair and style of celebrating.   Common activities include free milk for students, curriculum milk related activities, and national figures who participate by endorsing the day.  In today’s society with students lacking an understanding of what milk can provide nutritionally, WSMD has stepped up to the plate.  With a firmer understanding of milk’s contribution of 16 essential nutrients (including calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B12, and zinc etc.) students are more apt to make healthier decisions.  Healthier diet choices will aid students in leading an active and alert lifestyle.  The retributions of this will in fact reflect in student performance in educational testing. The

WSMD program has been extremely successful over the past 10 years through educating students in a fun and friendly way.  It is a wonderful program that not only gets students thinking about healthy diet choices that involve milk and milk products, but it discretely promotes products for dairy farmers.  In today’s society where everyone seems to want a better, faster, more convenient food product, the WSMD brings back the basics to the table and reinforces the importance of cold beautiful milk.  So raise your glass with me in toasting milk, to healthiness, happiness and nutrition! Cheers!

~Remember to celebrate world school milk day on September 30, 2009 by joining in and drinking a large cold glass of milk!

Support your local dairy farmers by participating in WSMD.

Support your local dairy farmers by participating in WSMD.


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