Master Breeder Herd Vanishes from Wellington County

View of Dupasquier Holsteins

View of Dupasquier Holsteins

Hundreds of people gathered on a mild October 28 to watch yet another dairy herd dispersal just outside of the Guelph city limits.  The dispersal of Dupasquier Holsteins owned and operated by Oscar and Eric Dupasquier & Family shocked many in the farming community.  Known for their excellence in dairy cattle breeding and honored with a Master Breeder title the farm sold 216 lots including embryos.  The top seller of the sale, Pierstein Dundee Rolita brought in a whooping $65 000 followed by a close second of $46 000 from Dupasquier Windstar Presence.  Rolita has close genetic connections from last years Royal Winter Fair Winner, Thrulane James Rose.

Needless to say Dupasquier Holsteins will not fade away as a once been dairy farm.  Their contribution to the dairy industry will be remember for years to come and the breeding of their supreme cows will live on.  Dupasquier’s put a lot of effort, time and money into their dairy operation in terms of breeding and it shows.  Over the years they have had numerous cows classified excellent and very good and have stepped into the bull side of genetics.  They provided Foundation Sires with Duapsquier Carisma, a phenomenal world class bull, ranked in the very top of the industry leaders.  Foundation Sires has also picked up a few younger new bulls form the Dupasquier line up, Dupasquier Accapulco and Dupasquier Montana, both of whom look to be extremely promising bulls.  Dupasquier’s were extremely successful  in the past when they were heavily involved in showing their cattle internationally.  Over the years they accumulated numerous ribbons, trophy’s, and plaques for their remarkable first class holsteins.

When I first heard of the rumor of Dupasquier’s dispersal I was astonished!  I immediately pushed it off as a rumor and thought to myself, ‘why would they do such a silly thing, they have an amazing herd of holsteins’.  To my dismay I eventually heard that it was no rumor, in fact it was true and the date was set!  A few years ago, when I was in first year right about this time of the year, my parents and I took a trip and visited the farm.  Over the years my Dad and I have visited many different dairy farms.  But this one was different for me.  Upon arriving we were greeted by Eric, a wonderfully friendly man who had a absolute genuine passion for his cows and dairy genetics.  He was very informative about each individual cow yet had a down to earth personality and was very modest about their accomplishments.  Previously contemplating coming to the University of Guelph for agriculture, that day on the farm, I absolutely knew that I had chosen the right industry to be working in.  Farmers like the Dupasquier family have a passion for their business and that is extremely compelling to young people.  To me the Dupasquier’s had a positive outlook and an honest passion for what they were doing.  Now I know the family had it’s own personal reasons as to why they chose to sell out, but I think that holsteins will be something that they will always and forever hold very near and dear to their hearts!  My only regret was not getting my hands on one of those beauties from the sale to add to our herd back home 🙂

Pleas visit this website for more pictures from the dispersal.

A view of the jam-packed ribbon room on the farm

A view of the jam-packed ribbon room on the farm.


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