Getting the Facts Straight with Milk


Milk; It's important for healthy bone development!

I was recently sent a link from my Dad to this new interactive website called Never Stop Milk.  I was intrigued and proceeded to checked it out last night as I really did not have much else to do at the time.  What I saw and read on the website was quite to my surprise.  Basically they have compiled a website that is interactive for children of all ages about the facts and fiction of milk.  I spent some time on the site checking it out and seeing what type of message they aimed to get across to visitors and was delighted with the information presented.   They include information on the site about how milk is good nutritionally compared to other beverage choices and how it gives you strength for you bones to grow and develop healthily.  I was really happy to see the effort put forth into educating children in a fun and educational way that will help to get the word out there and the message across that milk is really good for you!  I do think that the sight could use some more games and buttons to click around on, but all in all it is a great start to a fun educational tool that targets children of all ages.


I wanted to write up a quick blurb on the website and encourage all of the people who look and and read by blog to visit the website and tell me what you think! So go ahead and check out the website at


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