Yet Another Semester Gone!

Merry Christmas!

As the fall semester has come to an end here at the University of Guelph I thought I would take a quick minute and reflect back on my blogging experience.

I have to admit that at the beginning of the semester I thought that this whole blogging thing was going to be a nightmare.  I am not much of a computer-technology person, but as I quickly learned, you really don’t have to be to create your own blog.  At times it did frustrate me and some weeks it just seemed impossible to write a 250 word blog with midterms and assignments piling up.  But overall it was a great learning experience!  The thing that I enjoyed the most was keeping up to date on industry news.  I specifically detailed my blog to cover the dairy industry and in doing so I was eager to read articles, research topics and follow-up on all of the recent information.  Typically during the school semester I fall behind in keeping up to date on leading industry news and have always regretted not taking the extra effort.  In a way my blogging has pushed me to keep up to date so that I have something engaging and new to write about every week.  Over the Christmas break there will probably not be much activity on my blog as I will be at home on the farm enjoying my family and cows.  I am assuming that I will be continuing on with my blog in January as I am taking the second part of the agricultural communications class offered at U of G.

I would like to thank all of those who read my blogs and contributed via commenting!  It was a pleasure writing and I will be back in January! Until then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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