Chocolate milk, beverage, drink all the same right…wrong!

Reading labels on dairy products is more important now than ever.

Dairy product labeling has been a very hot topic in the presses lately with ice cream and cheese.  Many consumers are now extra careful when purchasing dairy products, but who ever guessed that when purchasing chocolate milk you now need to read the label too!  Personally I always make sure to read labels, especially on dairy products, however the other night while enjoying a carton of chocolate milk, or so I thought, I glanced down at the label to read ‘chocolate beverage’.  Yes indeed ‘chocolate beverages’ and ‘drinks’ are not considered true chocolate milk and the Dairy Farmers of Ontario is setting out to educate consumers of this labeling scheme with a great article in latest edition of the milk producer.  I completely support the DFO as they aim to set the labeling system in the correct path.  Typically I consider myself an avid ‘label checker’, but now that I have been tricked too,  I feel that we need to get the word out… chocolate beverages and drinks will never be the same as chocolate milk again!


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