Nutritious delicious milk

Full fat milk has beneficial health effects

As children Mothers are always telling their children to eat their veggies, not very often do you hear a mother have to tell her kids to drink their milk too.  But how often do you see families sitting down to a meal with homogenized milk, typically 2% or sometimes 1% milk is served with dinner.  A recent Swedish study at Gothenburg University found that on average 8 year old children who drank full fat milk weighed about 9 lbs less than other children of the same age.  As I gre up on a diary farm I have rarely drank milk off the farm.  My family has always drank farm fresh milk and as a result I feel like we are healthier people for it.  Now I am not promoting the sale of unpasteurized milk, as that would cause lots of public health problems.  Basically drinking full fat milk keeps you fuller longer and you are less likely to become hungry quicker and reach for the cookies sitting on the counter.   It reduces the amount of total calories that one will eat in a day.  Personally full fat milk from my home farm is my favourite beverage of choice and thanks to the Swedish study I happy to know that the health effects of it are positive.


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