Justice not being paid in the dairy sector

Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt has received a lot attention in the public and dairy industry over the past year as he protested selling raw milk from his home dairy farm.  This was a serious issue and was dealt with in utmost concern by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.  He was recently acquitted of all 19 prior charges in late January 2010.  Schmidt defied Ontario’s public health laws and caused worry in many dairy farmers.  The fact is milk is pasteurized for a reason; to protect the public from the spread of communicable diseases.  It is perfectly safe to drink raw milk, but the problem lies in that the public is not used to drinking milk of this sort and it is much easier for them to contract an illness from raw milk, than someone who has grown up drinking it all of their life.  Many dairy farmers were very frustrated with Schmidt last year as he scafrised the dairy industry’s reputation to providing safe and healthy milk to it’s consumers.


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