A new outlook on chickens

Watching this video may give you a whole other perspective for the poultry industry

As part of an animal welfare class that I am currently taking, I had to watch a video titled, ‘Natural History of Chickens.’  Now I typically try and stick to writing my blog about the dairy industry, but after watching this video I just knew I had to write a blog about it.  I would recommend trying to get your hands on a copy of the video, but please know that I do not suggest watching the video for it’s content or the views expressed.  The video is a PBS publication so originally I thought it was going to be an educational documentary, but it was unlike anything I expected.  The video itself is difficult to describe, so that is why I suggest watching it yourself.  But it basically led me to the conclusion that the media can distort a subject like the poultry industry very easily and quickly.  The video is very eccentric and expresses mainly one side of the story, in my mind it made chicken producers to be crazy.  Because I come from a farming background I was able to decipher and critically analyze what I believe to be actual fact or fantized fiction.

For those of you who maybe interested in the video you can find segments on youtube.com like the one I have included in my blo this week.


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