Blogging: ‘Kristen style’

This week my professor asked us to all write a blog on our approach to blogging, so here goes…

Pictures are also a great ascetic to add to your blog and can sometimes convey just as much as your writing.

Blogging has recently become a new fad with the public which has opened up many doors in communications.  It is now known as a mainstream way to broadcast information in an effective manner.  Anyone can write a blog, it’s free and as long as you can use a keyboard, your all set to go.  There are many blogs out there, but how do you make your blog different and effective and get people to read it?  Well, this is the question I asked myself when I began blogging.

For me it was about finding a theme, but not just any theme.  My theme is about a topic that I number one: was very passionate about, number two: knew a lot about, number three: wanted to educate the public about and number four: wanted to learn more about and keep up-to-date on.  For me this was the Canadian dairy industry.
It is not always easy to find a news breaking story every week, it can be extremely difficult.  I get my inspiration from reading news headlines, commercials on tv, my university courses, and have resorted to writing about recent happenings on my home farm.  Just look around you everyone is inspired in a different way.  It’s been a great way for me to hone my researching skills and know where to find good news topics.
To me blogging is more than just relaying news…the public can find top news stories on about 100 different websites.  It is about taking a angle on the topic and conveying your own personal opinion on the matter.  This is what makes blogging very different than writing news releases to me, the opinion factor.  Connect with and entice your readers to think outside of the box, that is what will keep them coming back.  Keeping your blog current, active and reader friendly is imperative as well!
But above all have fun! Think of blogging as an adventure, it can easily take you places where you’ve never imagined you’d ever go.

One thought on “Blogging: ‘Kristen style’

  1. Owen says:

    Nicely said, Kristen. I agree with your point about the “opinion factor” being key.

    You have certainly shown your passion for both blogging and for dairy. I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to combine these interests.

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