Big funding for dairy research

DFC delegates toast tall glasses of milk to the new partnership with the federal government

The Canadian federal government recently announced it’s partnership with Canadian diary producers to promote milk in a healthy, safe and sustainable way by investing up to $10 million for research.  Producers will contribute an additional $3 million for a total of $11.7 million to dairy research.  The money will go towards scientific research at various Canadian universities and institutions across the nation regulated by the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC).  President of DFC Jacques Laforge sees this partnership as a way in which the government is investing in long-term sustainability of the Canadian dairy industry.  I believe that this a step in the right direction for both the DFC and the federal government and will benefit producers in the end.  With many of the recent food security scares like listeria, we cannot do enough research to promote the health and safety of  milk and dairy products.  More specific and intensive research will hopefully bring stronger assurance to the public about dairy products.


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