Breaking records one milking at a time

Record breaking cow 1362 herself

While Canada just broke the world record for gold medals won by a host country in this years winter Olympic games, south of the border another record has been broken- in the dairy industry.  Near Waldo, Wisconsin dairy farmer Tom Kestell is the proud owner of the newest holstein to break the national record (USA) for most milk produced in one year with a whooping 8 400 gallons (38220 liters)!  Although Kestell is a very modest man and says that “to me it’s something that’s just a culmination of what we do, it’s not a big bragging thing,” this is a title that very few farmers have the honor of ever attaining.  Kensell gives credit to the cow herself- number 1362- indicating that she comes form a long line of high producing dams.  A record of such magnitude is a wonderful achievement and although 1362 may not appear much different than any other holstein cow she was able to crush the previous standing record held by a cow in Marathon, Wisconsin.  I feel that farmers need to be recognized and appreciated for their contributions to records like this.   As we cheer and celebrate the success of our Olympic athletes, lets not forget to put in a little shout out to our farmers for all their record breaking as well!


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