Early detection methods for Johne’s is now possibility

Johne’s disease is no joke to dairy farmers.  It can be a fatal disease in many barns if any one cow contracts the disease, as it is spread through infected cow’s  manure and milk.  Researchers at the university of Guelph are using genetic testing to help detect genes that are disease susceptible to Johne’s disease.  They are hoping to find a better detection method and improve drug remedies for the deathly disease.  Johne’s causes infected cows damage to digestive tract resulting in less nutrient absorption, loss of body condition and increased chronic diarrhea.  It causes decreased milk production in infect cows as well.  Johne’s is a severe disease that farmers are quite frankly petrified of.  It can wipe out numerous milking cows in a heard.  This is why is is important to finding early detection techniques to reduce the likelihood of disease outbreak in barns.  


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