Relaxation is key to a hard season of work

Farmers are infamous for being workaholics...simply take the time each day to do something enjoyable- life is too short to not be enjoying every second!

Spring is just around the corner and in the farming community this translates into things starting to become very busy and stressful time!! In a time like this I want to share with all producers something that I learned at this years Innovative Farmers Conference about managing stress.  Beverly Beuermann-King is a health and wellness expert that spoke to attendees at the conference about managing stress during stressful times on the farm.  Typically farmers are know to be workaholics who quite often run themselves into the ground by carrying on their everyday businesses.  Beverly explained that this kind of behaviour is quite taxing on our bodies and that by simply taking some ‘me time’ every day or week stress levels can subside.  Farmers have a tough mentality, but it’s a easy as taking a walk, taking a 20min nap 0r listening to your favourite music while working that can help you cope with stress.  So this cropping season when you find yourself starting to tense up and become irritable, take some time to stop and smell the roses- you won’t regret it!


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