Lactose intolerance- a possible myth

Do yourself a favour and drink the real deal!

Individuals who call themselves “lactose intolerant” may not need to avoid dairy products any more say researchers at the National Institutes of Health conference.  They blame the uncertainty on literally no research being done on lactose intolerance in humans.  They outlined that it maybe possible for adults to consume at least 12grams (equivalent of 1 cup of milk) per day without experiencing painful symptoms.  As I have outlined in many of my other blogs milk is an excellent source of numerous vitamins and minerals.  Many would argue that the same can be consumed  via eating an array of other foods and yes that is true.  But lots of research also points out that consuming milk and milk products everyday leads to decreased obesity and an overall more healthy lifestyle too.  I have also learned that one can counter act being lactose intolerance by simply eating small amounts of dairy products daily to build up an immunity from milk proteins.  So the next time you reach for soy milk cause the real stuff makes you sick- do yourself a favour and try a glass of the real stuff!


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