Potential for European dairies to mimic North America

European dairy farmers fear that they will be pushed out of business if large herd operations are approved

Nocton Farms has presented UK farmers with a new concept never seen before in Europe- an 8000 cow dairy.  The idea of opening such a large farming operation has created a lot of controversy among farmers, activists and the general European public.  European farmers pride themselves on the fact that their products can always be easily traced back to the farm from which they came from.  Many fear that introducing a large dairy will cause a lag in product recognition in Europe.  Other concerns expressed include animal welfare issues, environmental issues and a loss of the family farm.  A CNN article reported on the various opinions of Europeans on the matter of either accepting or declining the new farm.  Personally I feel that Europe has never seen such a farm size before and this scares them.  Because they are not supply managed I feel that if they allow large factory dairies to take up roots Europe dairy farmers will be overall worse off.


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