Improving the appearance of dairy farms gives better public opinion

A fall shot of my siblings and I in our front yard at our dairy farm Enrico Farms

There is no doubt that successful dairy farmers are indeed well managed at multitasking.  Taking care of their animals, fields and property.  An area of improvement however is the regulation of property appearance.  There are no standards that farmers have to follow in accordance to properties appearance.  Some farms look like old rundown lots where the grass is never cut and old broken down machinery sits in the front yard.  The diary industry is all about providing milk and milk products to the public.  Like it or not urbanites imagine that the milk they purchase comes from a picturesque rural dairy farm.  On my home farm it is very important to my family that our property is aesthetically pleasing towards anyone who drives by on the highway.  I’m not saying that huge adjustments and regulations have to be put in place.  As the real ambassadors to the dairy world, we should be embracing our farming property as a dairy oasis- it’s not just about producing milk after all.


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