Heating your home with dairy

Heat from cow's milk is a new innovative way in which dairy farmers are heating their homes

Home heating just became more affordable for dairy farmers.  A system that uses the heat given off milk to heat homes is becoming more popular in Canadian barns and homes over the past few years.  The system allows farmers to heat their entire house for virtually free, no more oil, wood or electric bills!  When the milk is taken from the cows it is around the body temp of the cow, it travels through the pipeline and into the bulk tank when it is cooled to around 4C.  The heat has to be taken out of the milk in order for it to reach the 4C that is needs to be.  This new system of home heating form the barn simply filters the milk heat into your home.  The catch is that for it to be sustainable it requires a minimum of a 100 head herd.  Dairy farmers are continuing to find new sustainable and renewable ways to use the resources on their farms and this is just another excellent innovative idea!


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