Dairy farming from a younger prospective

Calvin is very passionate about agriculture and hopes to one day own his own farm

Living on a dairy farm is great, I love it. The things that I like about living on a dairy farm are; first off it is very educational you learn all about cows and other animals and how to take care of them. The second reason is that I have learned how to drive tractors, run machinery, fix machinery and run tractors with machinery on them. I plan on living on a dairy farm when I am older. The third reason I like living on a dairy farm is that you have lots of land for recreational purposes… otherwise FOUR-WHEELING…my favourite pastime. Farming teaches you responsibility, and appreciation for animals. Our farm is a ”family farm” meaning we all have a role to play to keep our farm successful. I am very proud to be a part of our farm and I plan on keeping the farm going to the next generation.

By Calvin Kelderman

Calvin is my younger brother and is very passionate about dairy farming.  He is currently in grade 8 at H.H. Langford PS and will be attending high school in the fall.


One thought on “Dairy farming from a younger prospective

  1. Owen says:

    Welcome, Calvin, to the University of Guelph. Maybe you’ll choose to become an Aggie, too. I hope so. You’re a good writer.

    – Prof. Roberts

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