Oh for the love of milk!

Illegal milk trading has brought up a lot of controversy in the dairy industry both south of the border and in Canada.

When it comes to milk, consumers have many choices to quench their thirst.  Skim, 1%, 2%, homogenized, chocolate and butter milk commonly line the shelves of the grocery store and now consumers in New York state can order their milk straight from the farm!  Don’t get me wrong this defies all laws concerning milk sales, but when the public wants a product a market appears.  I came across this story from an article written on New York Restaurants website.  Needless to say this got me thinking and doing quite a bit of research on the topic.  Basically what is happening is that anyone (typically urbanites) who wants real whole milk can go online and find a farmer who is willing to deliver the ‘real deal’ to their door step.  This act is both illegal in Canada and most of the US states.  I can see both sides of the argument and over the next few blogs I plan to discuss in more depth the opposing views.  This topic has become very controversial between farmers, the public, government and health officials.  For this reason I have decided to dive off the deep end and immerse my blog over the next few weeks in illegal milk trading.  So stay tuned for more on the pros and cons.


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