Black market milk is back!

I do apologize for my absence on blogging.  Spring time has proven to be quite a busy time for me with my new summer job and I have been at a loss for free time these past couple of weeks.  I do however, plan to continue my blog so don’t worry I have not forgotten!

As promised I am continuing part 2 of illegal milk trading….

While raw milk is full of nutrients, it's not always the publics best choice

Let’s begin on a positive note, the pros to illegal milk trade.  I’ll be very up front and say that as a dairy farmer who has grown up with the quota system embarking on the positive side to selling milk under the table is a bit difficult for me.  I would argue that the main pro is to the consumers.  They benefit from the vitamins, nutrients and full flavour of raw milk. Dairy farmers come in second place for reaping the benefits, however it is bitter sweet.  The pot is sweetened for them in that they can sell their product straight to the public creating a new market.  They benefit by asking for a premium (more money) for their product because it can be classified as a ‘specialist product’.  A bitter taste can be left in the mouths of farmers when the public begins to become sick from consuming raw milk.  This can lead to a bad reputation for raw milk which decreases demand and potentially lead to lawsuits.  This then creates problems for the government and health officials (but I will discuss the cons in another post).  Overall there are two main positives that I can conclude.  I found it quite entertaining that you can find a raw milk distributor online, contact them and have fresh milk delivered right to your door step.  I always knew that the internet assisted illegal activity, but I would have never guessed milk would find it’s way to the black market!  Here is a link that I found for finding your contacts, a campaign for real milk.


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